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Toucan Foods connects people to information, food, and products that will help the world eat better and live healthier. Get healthy naturally and help us start an evolution! Let me take a moment to tell you a little bit about the two owners of Toucan Foods. Over the years I have been able to make a dramatic impact on my health.

I went from a guy that ended up in the emergency room with a BP reading of 170/120 to a person that eats well, takes some nutritional supplements and now has a BP reading of 117/80. I tried the pharmaceutical drugs like everyone else, but they never worked. Read more. .

. Ever since I was little I had suffered from upper respiratory infections. Starting at the age of five I had pneumonia and it just continued every year after that from there, sometimes manifesting as a mere cold, but other times escalating to bronchitis, strep throat, and even pneumonia again on two more occasions. Luckily, it never got so bad I had to be hospitalized.

But I did miss school, work, and other activities which made every winter a season I dreaded. And so it continued well into adulthood and my 30s. I was chronically sick every winter suffering from one upper respiratory infection after another. I would literally have a series of colds beginning in early November and lasting through the beginning of March.

Then, just by cutting out a few bad ingredients from the foods I eat, and selecting foods with fresh natural and minimal ingredients, the colds and infections ceased and I don't get sick any more. With such amazing results, we are compelled to share with you some natural remedies and natural health strategies that have worked well for us. Toucan Foods offers you a website where you can make sense out of the nonsense. We are just everyday simple people that have read volumes about how to eat well.

One of the things we believe that we have learned over the years is “that one diet plan does not fit all”. People have unique biochemistries and will do well on a diet made for them. If you view how people feed themselves across the globe you will find substantial evidence of this fact. There are also some fundamental dietary maxims that apply to all, and we will share information on those items as well.

For the latest in nutrition news and food policies affecting everyday people, visit our News Feed. In this blog we provide commentary on the latest health research and food policies, referencing nutrition experts, consumer watchdog groups, and others looking out for your right to get healthy naturally. If you’re looking to get started preparing your own foods at home, check out T’s Recipes. Here where you will find traditional recipes made healthier by switching out bad fats, sugars, and processed ingredients for fresh natural, and often organic varieties.

These recipes are geared to the person with limited time and culinary skills who just wants to eat better now. Each recipe also includes information about one or more ingredients or cooking processes used to create it to further deepen your understanding of what it means to “get healthy naturally”. We also want to give you the opportunity to purchase products we have personally researched and in many cases use ourselves which we believe will help you to maintain/obtain wellness. You’ll find nutritional supplements created by physicians specializing in natural health.

We’ve also assembled some of our healthy snacks and wellness products into care packages and gift baskets for giving to soldiers, college students, fitness enthusiasts, and foodies everywhere. If someone you know is ill or has received challenging health news, consider our Get WellNESS gift - a great way to show someone you care about them. Or buy something for yourself and start your own evolution! To explore our current products, please review the links for supplements, men’s products, and women’s products.

Rest assured our snacks will never contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Oils (a. k. a. Trans Fats), Artificial Sweeteners, or Artificial Preservatives.

PERIOD! Want to know why? Check out our Health Resources page. If your business or school provides food services, vending machines, conducts fund raisers, or has a wellness program, take a look at our Wholesale Page for information on how Toucan Foods can help you provide students, employees and customers with healthier snack choices.

Most importantly, we don’t think you should take our word or anyone else’s word for it that the choices we’re offering you are healthier. Arm yourself with knowledge.

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